Rubber Flooring

The rubber flooring was straightforward to lay – I started by covering the (SIP panel) flooring with 6mm ply, screwed down every 300mm (I countersunk and filled the holes). You need a completely flat surface to lay the tiles You then apply the adhesive in sections big enough to work at one go, wait for … Read more

Fermacell – finishing

Preparing for decoration   Step 1: filler over the joints and screw heads Step 2: fermacell fine surface treatment (FST) Step 3: caulking in the corners   lessons learned FST is a smooth filler that comes pre-mixed in a large tub – it has the constituency of whipped cream and goes on easily. The technique … Read more

Exterior vs Marine Plywood

Having spent hours preparing and priming my improvised plywood column cladding to the point where I was happy with it, there was a bit of rain and the ply started to de-laminate. grr. Lessons learned: exterior ply is not the same as marine ply. Seal the cut ends. Back to the drawing board on that … Read more