the Record 52 1/2 vice – a timeline

A brief history of the evolution of the Record woodworker’s vice from 1877 to today.


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  1. hello,

    Do you think the Dawn Tools company of Australia should be part of the story? — unlike some of the other recent Record etc copies, they started a long time ago – celebrated their centenary of vice, clamp making in 2017, so started after some of the UK patents were over. I’m not sure if they still make the quick release version, but it was just like the Record, with Parkinson-type nut, bar, spring etc. They definitely still make woodworking 7″, 9″ and 10″ vices and state that nearly all their range is actually made in Australia.


  2. thanks – I did not know that Dawn went back such a long way.

    There is a John Danks catalogue published during the war that shows a Dawn QR vice that appears to be a copy of the Record model of that era. It would be very interesting to know what their original models were like in 1917…

    dawn QR vice

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