Starting woodworking


Everyone is on a “journey” these days, and now I am too – my journey into woodworking has begun. I remember very little about the craft lessons I took at school, although I vaguely recall doing a term of wood working and a term of metalworking – I suppose about 30 hours of training in … Read more


One of the plants I had to hack down when building the shed was a nice Honeysuckle ‘Graham Thomas’ – it was about 3 meters high and had a glorious scent when it was in flower.    I cut it back to the ground but did not expect it to recover, however, it has surprised … Read more

Robertson woodscrews

I mentioned that the vice I installed came with screws that use Robertson heads (see the picture below). I had not come across these before and while looking into them I came across an excellent article describing the baffling array of screw types available, including a potted history and a summary of the pros/cons of … Read more

Mail me with your critisisms

A letter has flooded in from a Mrs Trellis1 of North Wales. “Dear Mr Miliband, ” (she writes) “Your blog was quite amusing at the start, but now it is boring. Regards Mrs Trellis” Well, fair point Mrs Trellis.  Here is an off colour cartoon to liven things up.   1 name changed to avoid embarrassment. … Read more

Rose Planting

It is cheaper to get bare root roses than roses in pots – bare rooted plants are only available between November and early April when the plants are not in growth, The most important thing to remember about bare rooted roses is not to let them dry out – you can keep them in the … Read more

Climbing Rose

I briefly thought about having a clematis and rose together on the new trellis on the front of the shed, but have now decided to keep it simple with a white rose. I plan to use Mme Alfred Carrère – introduced by Joseph Scwarz in France in 1879. This is a climber that has a tinge … Read more

Wire Trellis Installation

a narrowly avoided fiasco re. the trellis.  My original plan was to suspend the wires vertically from the overhanging roof, perhaps using pad-eyes,  but I decided it would be too hard to get the wires tight and tidy. The tensioned wire trellis kits from s3i looked a much better option, but it appears I had … Read more

Wire Trellis

I have ordered some tensioned wire trellis from …which I’ll fit this weekend.  My other half is dead set against this idea, having announced a hitherto undeclared love for the ‘clean and uncluttered lines’ of the shed. She is generally right – particularly when it comes to matters of design and style – so  my … Read more