Exterior finished

I have completed version II of the pillar cladding and I am reasonably happy with it. This means the outside building work is now all finally done, bar a couple of coatings of clear coat for the cladding and a bit of silicon sealant between the pillar and the doors. I used paint from Bedec … Read more

Exterior vs Marine Plywood

Having spent hours preparing and priming my improvised plywood column cladding to the point where I was happy with it, there was a bit of rain and the ply started to de-laminate. grr. Lessons learned: exterior ply is not the same as marine ply. Seal the cut ends. Back to the drawing board on that … Read more

Fermacell Cladding

I put up the boards to the rear and right hand side this weekend. I am using the same boards internally and externally, and the trademark name is Fermacell. The boards are made of recycled gypsum and paper. The addition of cellulose fibres to the gypsum plaster makes the boards very strong (they can be … Read more

Cedar Cladding – Part IV

Completely cleared out Chiltern Timber of their small remaining stock of cedar and finished the wood cladding today – feel like I am at last on the home straight for the outside of the building. done In a future installment What treatment to use on your wood cladding.