Cheap Cladding

I stumbled across a possible cladding material for the out-of-sight sides for the workshop, called ecosheet. Light, completely waterproof, hard-wearing, does not need painting and can be drilled and sawn like wood – perfect! It is also made of 100% recycled plastic so good for the planet. That was the good news, the bad news … Read more


I finally got around to ordering the timber and it has arrived, but due to a combination of the bad weather and other things keeping me busy, it remains stuck on the drive. The shopping part is definitely the low point of shed building, and this particular episode was not any different. To liven things … Read more

Dry Roof

lovely day today but since I haven’t got much I can get on with I faffed around silicon sealing the windows and doors. Finally got the roof dry. I should probably be shopping for plaster boards & soffits etc (yawn). dry roof – at last

The Weather. Again

a brief pause while I wait for Bob, of Bob Best’s Windows fame to deliver my new window unit (next week I hope). I explained my amateurish mistake while breaking the old one, and he said sagely: ‘it does happen, mate’ which made me feel better about the whole thing. The other important step in … Read more