Once you have your shed network established you can worry about the important business of watching youtube videos of cats on a big screen TV. You can: install an aerial pay your cable company to add another connection (and dig up your lawn) use t’internet I have gone for the later, since all the main … Read more

Electrics – done!

all wired up and live, the sequence of events was: mark in the building where the fittings will go (me) First fit wiring (electrician) Plasterboarding (me) cut holes for fixtures, fit back-boxes and pull cables through (me) lay SWA cable from shed to house (me) feed SWA cable from garden through side wall and into … Read more

First-fit Electircs

A bit of progress this past week. Simon the electrician came and did the first fix of electrics. I think this has a different name in the US, but it involves laying out the cables before any plasterboard(drywall) goes up. Before this happens you need to have thought through the quantity/rough location of: sockets switches … Read more

Electrical Connection

I mentioned before that I have an electrician doing all the connections, but to keep costs down I am doing the labouring and my main job is to lay a cable between the shed and the house. When running electrical cables outside you need to use steel wire armoured (SWA) cable for safety reasons – … Read more

More Electrical Bits You Will Need

I bought the following sockets from screwfix: not an exact match with the lightwaverf switch, but a bit closer than appears in the pic, where the light has caught them at different angles. Also pretty good value for £4 each. lightwaverf switch and el cheapo screwfix socket I also got a cheap but functional … Read more

Home Automation

obviously a critical feature in any decent shed is the ability to turn on and off the lights from the comfort of your armchair (inside the house). enter… lightwaverf launched by a British firm (JSTS) in 2011 they produce a range of remote controlled devices (including switches and sockets) that can be controlled with a … Read more

LED lighting

After a lot of hunting around I have decided to go for these – ecoled zep2. Made in the UK and definitely not cheap (60 quid each) but top quality so far as I have read. ecoled zep2 details: 800 lumens1, which is about the same as a 60 watt incandescent bulb Coloring Rendering Index … Read more