Workbench upstanding

I added an upstand. Thinking it would be useful to have a little storage area along the back of the bench I built it with a recess, but I had not really thought through the dimensions and the gap left is a bit narrow to be very useful. Still it will no doubt come in … Read more

Workbench stain

After plugging the countersunk screw holes with cedar plugs, I decided to finish the top of the workbench with this:..followed by a coat of osmo poly hard wax oil clear, as per the instructions for the tinted polyx. A couple of things I would have done differently: I would not have left the cut ply … Read more

Workbench design using plywood

I have set myself the slightly pointless goal of trying to construct my workbench using just 5 pieces of 8’x’4 plywood and some screws/glue, and here is the design:   Now I have finished the drawing I can see that there are a some issues that could have been resolved easier/cheaper by using timber rather … Read more